Depression And Its Effects On Teens

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Everyone feels depressed at some time in their lives, whether the cause may result from illness, the loss of a family member, a decrease in grades and so on. These tribulations and many more are natural causes of feelings of sadness and lamentation. It is normal to feel distressed about a loss or failure. However, for a number of people, that feeling of dejection repeats for months, years, or, if left untreated, even a lifetime. An estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. Of these affected, one in eight teens suffer from this disease (World Health Organization, para. 1). Depression is an attenuating disease, affecting teens at an increasing rate, and it is essential for one to know what teenage depression is, how depression affects teenagers and what can be done to prevent it. Depression in teens is a mental health condition that causes a continuous feeling of sadness over a prolonged period of time and a loss of interest in activities. This state of being affects how the teenager thinks, feels and behaves, which causes emotional, functional and physical complications. Symptoms of depression in teens include sadness and hopelessness, anger or hostility, periodical crying, withdrawal from social surroundings, loss of interest in activities, and changes in eating and sleeping habits (Mayo Clinic, n.D. para. 2). Because depression found in adolescents and teens is not as high as in adults, teen depression is not properly diagnosed. In other words,
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