Depression And Loneliness : Coping With Parental Death

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Depression and Loneliness in Coping with Parental Death in Children Coping with a parent being seriously ill or the death of a parent can be extremely hard for children. They go through the feelings of loneliness, depression, and grief. When children are a witness to an ill parent or a deceased parent it causes an extreme amount of stress according to Buchwald, Delmar, & Schantz-Laursen (2011). Buchwald et al., (2011) also mentions that children may lose a sense of security when confronting a parent’s illness or death. Because of this, the child’s relationships are changed dramatically as well. The child must reestablish a relationship with the “healthier” parent since the other may be seriously ill or deceased. Like Buchwald, Koblenz (2015) also believes that maintaining a healthy relationship with the surviving or “healthier” parent will ultimately produce more positive results for the child that is coping.
In Koblenz’ (2015) study, she finds that group sessions are beneficial, especially if the child is surrounded by peers that have suffered the loss of a parent, friend, sibling, or loved one (Koblenz, 2015). Szymanowska (2014) also agrees that having contact with close relatives and other bereaved families is good for children suffering from the loss of a parent. Such contact is viewed as beneficial to the child’s mental and physical safety (Szymanowska, 2014). Children may be more inclined to form a group with other children that have lost a parent to combat the
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