Depression And The Controversy Behind Depression

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Introduction The topic of depression is well studied amongst psychologists. It is an issue that is detrimental to not only the person experiencing it, but also for their loved ones. In America, there’s an estimated 15 million individuals suffering from depression every day. It’s a battle; even after years of in depth study, psychologists still do not have all of the answers on how to conquer it. It is a psychological disorder that is thought to be the result of many combined factors like biochemical elements, genetics, environmental aspects, etc. There are three different types of depression: dysthymia, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar disorder. A person suffering from depression can experience an episode after tragic life events like death of a close family member or a divorce, but sometimes, an episode can arise out of the blue without an obvious reason. In this study, I will research the factors of depression and the controversy behind it. Depression Major depression is a mood disorder that causes an individual to feel extremely unhappy and to have a lack of enjoyment in his/her life (Lahey 2012). Though this is a general description of what someone who is suffering from depression may feel, the disease is much more than just a sense of discontentment. A person suffering from major depression has a negative outlook on life. He/she also has low self-esteem and often judges others (Lahey 2012). Often times, depressive people portray high-low behavior (Lahey
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