Depression And The Mindset Of Those Who Are Afflicted

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Depression and the mindset of those who are afflicted

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When an individual has no other choice but to rely upon another for their own livelihood, feelings of inadequacy may begin to tear at his or her mental well-being. These emotions could cause him or her to see his or herself as nothing more than a parasite harming the people that care about them. Accordingly, this thought process could then lead toward severe depression. Though one may go throughout the day dealing with emotions that make them feel ?depressed,? and these emotions may only last for a few days, this state is not true depression. Depression is not a feeling, but rather a disorder, a long-lasting state of mind, that has the ability to change one?s mental state.(4) ?No better example of this process can be seen than the journey of Gregor Samsa in Franz Kafka?s The Metamorphosis.
In this novel a terrible event transpires causing the young Mr. Samsa to go from being the family 's main breadwinner to a strenuous burden on them. In order to gain a better understanding of those who develop this mindset and why they do so, one must look into the character of Gregor Samsa, and by extent the past of Franz Kafka himself. In his own life Kafka was in many ways similar to Gregor, which aligns perfectly as Gregor is the written manifestation of Kafka?s suffering. Much like Gregor, he worked at a dead-end job that was…
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