Depression As A Transient Phase Of Adolescence Essay

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The World Health Organization (WHO) 25 defines adolescence as the period between the ages of 10 and 19. Adolescence is a period characterized by many changes that range from biological changes associated with puberty to social and psychological changes associated with awareness of sexuality26. The adolescent period is one of sensitivity which requires adequate and sufficient monitoring from parents and other care-givers 27. Depression is the commonest emotional problem experienced by adolescents28. It is no longer thought to be a transient phase of normal development. This notion of depression being a transient phase of adolescence stems from the theory that children and adolescents are cognitively too immature to be depressed29. Depression in adolescence may be characterized by the core symptoms of persistent and pervasive sadness; loss of interest and enjoyment, and reduced energy. The other common symptoms include reduced concentration, reduced self-esteem, ideas of guilt and worthlessness, poor sleep, and decreased appetite30. Depressive disorder are characterized by the presence of depressed moods along with a set of additional symptoms, persisting over time and causing impairment and disruption of functions. Depression in young people may be expressed differently from adults. Depressed adolescents often manifest behavioural symptoms like irritability, verbal and physical aggression and misconduct, substance abuse or various other psychiatric problems31. Children

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