Depression : Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

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Depression: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments “Major hallmarks of depression include a persistent low or sad mood, decreased or absent interest in almost all activities, loss of self-confidence and a feeling of worthlessness” (Parikh 5). It is completely normal to feel down or depressed some days, but “difficulty comes when these feelings do not go away” (Parikh 1). The feeling of misery or sorrow can be caused from a traumatic occurrence or a build up of events. Depression can range from children, teens, adults, and even the elderly. This disease can begin very minor, but overtime become suicidal. Sagar Parikh noted in “Depression and Anxiety 2015,” that depression is found to be “twice as common in women as in men” in the world (7). Brad A. Alford and Aaron T. Beck wrote in “Depression: Causes and Treatments,” that a recent study shows that “during one’s lifetime of developing a major depressive disorder is 5-12 percent for males and 10-25 percent for females” (4). Research indicates that depression has many causes, symptoms, and treatments. There are several causes of depression. Causes of depression can range from “independent factors like genetic, biological, hormonal, through the influence of the family or the environment influence and socio-cultural components” (BEMBNOWSKA et al 116). Sagar Parikh explains in “Depression and Anxiety 2015,” that genetic depression can come from ones biological parents or family ancestors and, one may have a greater risk of…
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