Depression Essay

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People suffering from depression experience a lasting and continuously depressed mood that interferes with the ability to function, feel pleasure, and even maintain interest in life. The occasional feeling of being “blue” does not usually cause a downward spiral into depression. People suffering from major depressive episodes may feel so fatigued that they cannot go to work, school, or even do the simple things we take for granted. They may sleep day and night, have problems concentrating, and feel so deeply sad and guilty. This could lead to infinite thoughts of suicide. Thus showing that depression has an effect on a person’s mind and personal life.      When depression ends, most people return to a “normal”…show more content…
These delusions can be a source of great distress to the family and the recovering patient.      In my own personal experiences, these delusions are true occurrences when dealing with manic depression. My uncle suffers from manic depression and has had several episodes. While in a city park, he thought that a park attendant was attacking him. He then pulled a knife on the attendant and was arrested. This incident was posted throughout the local newspapers. He felt ashamed for what he put his family as well as the rest of the family through. This had a traumatic affect on his recovery and the rest of his treatment. Now with the help of his medication, he manages to keep his depression under control.      The primary drug used when dealing with depression is Lithium. “Lithium is generally used only as an augmenting agent in patients who have not had a response to antidepressant drugs alone (Price 1994). Most patients receiving lithium have side effects, reflecting the drug’s narrow therapeutic index. Many symptoms and signs of toxicity are closely correlated with plasma lithium concentrations (Price 1994). The Food and Drug Association (FDA) banned lithium in response to the deaths of several patients in 1949 (Price 1994). There are several more side effects when dealing with lithium
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