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Depression is the most common mood disorder; it is more than just temporary feelings of sadness. Then how come women are more prone to depression than men? Depression affects women emotionally, physically, and mentally in every aspect of their lives. Clinical depression does not only just cause suffering to individuals who are depressed, but it brings problems for their families and friends who seldom do not know how to help them. Experts say depression is a disorder that is colour blind and affects women in spite of race, ethnic backgrounds, or socio-economic standing. Women are said to be two to three times more prone than men to suffer from depression. Why is this the case? Is it because of the stress caused by
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Depending on how old children are, they will be affected by their mother’s depression in different ways. Women in a motherly role are likely to suffer from a mood disorder because of the expectations as a mother, this can cause her to be more emotionally distressed.
Research indicates that women experiencing depression have imbalances in daily physical activities. Women are obliged to care for children and aging parents in addition to work. She may become unable to perform such tasks because she is restrained to being in bed and therefore cannot participate in her usual functions. She starts to deteriorate physically, for example lose of weight and have low energy. Member around her or living with her may start to experience role changes. For example her husband may be unable to handle the situation and may become an alcoholic or abusive towards her, or the children. As a result, their children may start to engage in gang activities or violence as a way of dealing with the situation and lack of socialization. These distressing events will cause corruption and problems to here family’s unity. Therefore, the physical family structure slowly starts to segregate from each other.
Another example of depression affecting a women physically is during pregnancy. Awomen with depression tend to have receive less prenatal care, do not eat as well, and do not get enough rest. They are at risk of having a miscarriage,

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