Depression From A Christian Perspective

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Depression from a Christian Perspective

The recent death of Robin Williams has thrown depression and suicide into the national spotlight. He seemed to have it all. He was loved by many, he was successful, he had a loving family. In spite of this, he took his own life. Here are some quick statistics about depression.

Women tend to be more susceptible to depression.
Sixty to eighty percent of depression cases can be treated.
121 Million people worldwide suffer from depression.

Depression is a very hard thing to deal with, both for the victim and for families of the person suffering. The family may be tolerant, but may not understand. Friends may not understand why the person “just can 't be happy.” Some may consider the victim to be lazy because he or she may not have the energy to do much. To add to this, many well meaning Christians may get involved telling the victim and the family that the problem is a lack of faith. These people may consider depression a spiritual issue and attempt to counsel the person that way. All of these people mean well, but they do not understand the problem. These people may try to help, but may simply make it worse. Depression is a delicate subject, but there is help and no one is alone.

Depression is:
A. An imbalance
B. Can be temporary and based on specific situations
C. Common

Depression is not:
A. A spiritual issue
B. A simple case of being sad
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