Depression Is A Highly Prevalent Mental Disorder With Estimates

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Depression is a highly prevalent mental disorder with estimates indicating that it affects up to 6.7 percent of the United States population age eighteen and older in a given year for Major Depression and 1.5 percent for Persistent Depressive Disorder. The prevalence of mental disorders is the greatest among those who are ages 16 to 24 years of age (ADAA, 2016). The prevalence of youth with mood disorders is 11%, with nearly 50% of youth aged 8 to 15 did not receive mental health services in the previous year. The prevalence of adults with major depression is 6.9%, with nearly 60% of adults with a mental illness did not receive mental health services in the previous year (NAMI, 2017). So, as we can see there are numerous studies regarding…show more content…
(Steadman, 1981). In addition to its negative impact on social opportunities, stigma may likewise negatively affect the individual’s perception of themselves. The stigmatized individual may anticipate that others will degrade and dismiss them (Link, 1987) and may, therefore, hide their psychiatric problems. They may also internalize these negative convictions, one outcome of which is lowered self-esteem and self-efficacy. There have been many studies of stigma associated with mental disorders, however; only a minute of these have focused on what factors predict stigma associated with depression. It is believed that such information may be useful in order to target the groups that hold such attitudes. Also, this information may aid in the design of de-stigmatization programs and interventions to reduce stigma in people with depression. The aim of this research is to investigate a couple of potential predictors for depression stigma. The predictors that will be explored will be gender, depression literacy, and familiarity. When it comes to help-seeking behaviors amongst men it has been suggested that men with depression experience certain disadvantages such as gender role conflict. When men experience depression, they face the difficult choice of whether to express or

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