Depression Is A Mood Disorder

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Depression is a mood disorder that affects every one out of five adolescents by the time they become adults (Dryden-Edwards 1). It does not seem unlikely that people are more prone to developing depression in their teen years due to the various physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that occur during this point of one’s life. The human body experiences different developmental changes while going through puberty, causing a teen to have fluctuating moods. Puberty, along with juggling school, work, sports, clubs, and spending time with family and friends causes one to feel overwhelmed and have excessive stress. Adolescents fill up their schedules with these activities, scrabbling to find room to get a decent amount of sleep, exercise, and eat healthy. There is no time left for the teen to relax and have some alone time to recoup, which helps to relieve all the stress. So, the teen feels overwhelmed and unable to handle all the different obstacles being thrown in their path all at once. Often, it may lead the teen to try to avoid their responsibilities and problems, throwing up one of the first warning signs of depression. Every human being has feelings and reactions caused by daily life events, but it is a problem when mood begins to interfere with functioning and completing even the simplest of tasks. “When teens’ moods disrupt their ability to function on a day-to-day basis, it may indicate a serious emotional or mental disorder that needs attention —
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