Depression Is A Silent And Deadly Killer

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Millions of people carry a burden within themselves and are constantly battling with their inner selves as a result of depression. Depression is a villain that steals the happiness and lives of a teeming number of people around the world. It constantly puts others down and fuels itself to become bigger and stronger. It is a mental illness that needs to addressed and worked on to better the world. Depression is simply a frown that needs to be turned upside down. Depression can be a silent and deadly killer. There are two different ways to define depression. Chemically, depression derives from an uneven amount of neurotransmitters (“Depression” The Gale Encyclopedia). Neurotransmitters carry messages to and from different nerves. The brain can perform poorly if there is an unusual amount of neurotransmitters in an individual 's brain. With poor neurotransmitters, it can cause one to go into a depressive state (“Depressive Disorders”). A less chemically way to define depression is a sadness that causes one to have a lack of activity and difficulty thinking. It is known as a psychoneurotic disorder that affects millions (“Depression” The Gale Encyclopedia). Depression can creep into many unsuspecting individual’s lives. There are many causes of depression. As stated before the amount of neurotransmitters can affect a person’s mood. This is because neurotransmitters are little messengers that carry signals from neuron to neuron (“Depressive Disorder”). Other causes of depression

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