Depression Is A Silent Killer

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It 's often said that we are shaped by the experiences that come our way throughout life. Furthermore, not just those experiences but our response to each of them. This rings true in my own life and I can think of a certain struggle in particular that has really shaped who I have become. It really comes down to one word with a whole lot more connected to it. Depression. My own personal case was major, which is called clinical depression. This two year struggle almost ended my life. I don 't believe I 've ever shared this in this manner, however there 's always a first time for everything. This is my story of how my fight and victory against depression has shaped the person I am today.
Now, for those who may not know much about depression, this is paragraph may be very informational. Depression truly is a silent killer. Clinical, or major, depression is categorized as a mental disorder. It can be identified by many different symptoms. Most obvious would be the actual depressed state in general. It lasts most of the day if not all of it. It may also cause insomnia and fatigue. People who struggle with this lose interest in things. They may also have feelings of worthlessness and guilt. The most challenging of all the symptoms in my own battle, were the recurring suicidal thoughts. All of these things tied in together make up what we know as clinical depression. (WebMD. “Major Depression (Clinical Depression)” An Overview of Clinical Depression. WebMD n.d. Web. 28 October…

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