Depression Is Not Just The State Of `` Being Sad ``

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Depression is not just the state of “being sad”, it is a serious disease. Depression takes over the body and swipes a person’s ability to feel and think in a normal way. The ability to feel emotions and make rational decisions is not possible for someone diagnosed with depression. It also has the ability to take over the body. Simple tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning become a struggle. One way of getting this disease is that it is just passed down from the parents into the genes. There is no way of avoiding this. Other ways are from a chemical imbalance in the brain or can follow from external events in a person’s life. Depression has a major impact and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Although depression does…show more content…
It is being in a depressed state most of the time most days of the week. Symptoms of major depression include: loss of interest or pleasure in a person’s everyday activities, above normal weight loss or weight gain, and feeling tired or having no energy. A prominent sign of clinical depression is feeling worthless or guilty. This type of depression can lead to thoughts of suicide or harming one’s self. In high school I had a friend that was diagnosed with this disease. Most days she was unable to get out of bed. Simple everyday tasks were a struggle for her. In class she had trouble concentrating or making decisions. My friend attended monthly therapy sessions and was prescribed antidepressants to help. Chronic Chronic depression, also known as Dysthymia, has very similar symptoms to major depression but is less severe and has fewer symptoms. These symptoms include: excessive sleep, feeling restless or run down, and fatigue or loss of energy. Chronic depression lasts for longer periods of time. This form of depression can start in early childhood and follow throughout life if not diagnosed and treated. It is thought that this form of depression is caused by passed down genes or abnormal functioning in the brain circuit. Recently I was diagnosed with this form of depression. I have been in a depressed state for more than three years now. I once attempted suicide, but was unsuccessful when my father caught me in my room with a hand gun. I was caught in the
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