Depression Is The World's Most Common Mental Illness

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Depression is the world’s most common mental illness that has affected an estimated 16 million adults alone in the United States in the past year. Depression is an illness that affects and targets your mind, body and spirit. However, this condition can be short lived depending on the individual and circumstances. Studies have been proven more than 235,000 people which amounts to 9% has met the criteria for clinical depression, also 3% were diagnosed with major depression in the past year. This mental illness affects both genders and all age groups and all social classes. Although it is more likely to have a greater effect on women, racial and ethnic minorities, those without a high school education, those divorced or never married, jobless, and those without health insurance. Women have a 70% higher rate than Men to experience depression, and young adults ages 18-25 are 60% much more likely to endure depression than someone who is 50 years or older. An estimated 8.2% of American teenagers, which amounts to 2 million teens have experienced a major depressive disorder within the last year. When diagnosed with major depressive disorder you endure sadness that insinuates feelings that tend to never end and endure an ongoing feeling of utter helplessness. It is a recurring illness that’s lifetime prevalence is approximately 16% in the United States .Wellness can be defined as a particular lifestyle where the individual focuses and is responsible for their physical,
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