Depression: More Than Just A Mental Illness

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Depression; More Than Just a Mental Illness Depression, noun, meaning feeling sadness or downswings in mood. (“Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs”) However, depression is much more than just sadness, it affects your quality of life. Teens and adults struggling with depression experience negative thinking, thoughts and activities become uninteresting. As a results most people suffering from depression lack energy if they are not interested in an activity making it harder to concentrate overall. (“Depression” Kids Health) Although society does not see it as a huge problem because it is an “invisible illness” it has the very same symptoms as a physical illness. Victims of depression often experience physical symptoms such as an upset stomach,…show more content…
The most common type of depression, reactive depression is when someone’s body simply reacts to an upsetting or stressful situation. For example if someone died in an individual's family, they would most likely be depressed for a short amount of time. Endogenous depression is when one’s chemicals in the brain is unbalanced. This can last for a short time or be life long. Psychotic depression is one a particular person is so stressed that the chemicals in their brain change, or react to the situation severely, ending with often a crippling case of depression. However, there is two stages of all types of depression, know as minor and major depression. Depression symptoms show for two weeks to a month and eventually subside is known as minor depression. If this goes untreated or progressively gets worse it becomes known as major depression.(Ayer, Eleanor) Although it may be difficult to fathom why society needs to know this, it could possibly be the difference between understand and helping someone get better. Or it can lead into something worse. There is treatment for depression. It is human nature “One student becomes depressed, others become concerned, my students want to do something about the situation.” (Renee…show more content…
Worldwide it is the leading cause of disability. It costs America’s economy twenty-three billion dollars each year on medical exams and depressed individuals not contributing to society. Possibly they would reach out for help, if as a whole, they were accepted for who they are. Although people who are depressed need to reach out for their own guidance and help, others need to pitch in also. As a family member, friend or even a member of the community helping a victim of depression can change their life. Simply reminding them that they have worth, pointing out what makes them amazing or unique or recommending a therapist. If one suffers from depression exercising, yoga, getting extra sunlight, or listening to music can positively affect one’s mood. (“Depression” Kids Health”)
Depression is an illness that can be seen day in and day out. It is much more that just sadness or anger. It’s effect on everyone is totally unique and the effects can even change over time. It is completely treatable and curable but it will not happen overnight. It is society's job to get help to these people because it affects more than just them, it affects everyone in the community. If depression continues to go unrecognized, or is ignored by the general public, ignorance about one’s community will grow. It can stop today, just start with a
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