Essay on Depression: Out of the Shadows

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Everyone feels sad here and there, but for many people who experience depression those

feelings can linger for years. Depression is a social disorder characterized by a depressed mood

or a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities, consistently for a 2 week period. “Depression

is an under umbrella mood disorder that can cause people to feel hopeless, not have enough

energy to get up and do things, it can affect people ability to live a day to day life , ranges from

mild- severe or manic depression,” according to Valerie Labanca MFT. A 2003 National

Institutes of Health study estimates that more than 16 percent of Americans, as many as 35

million, suffer from depression severe enough to warrant treatment.1
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The patient’s responses can help

the doctor make a diagnosis of depression and judge the severity of the depression.

“More Americans Seeking Help for Depression,” Mary Duenwald, June, 18, 2003

There are many types of depression including Major Depression, Minor Depression ,

Dsythymia Depression , Postpartum , Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder, and Seasonal Affective

Disorder. In order to have Major Depression, a person has to have at least five of the depression

symptoms, and these symptoms have to last for at least a two week period. Most people who

have Major Depression Disorder suffer from it for at least six months. Minor Depression

is different from Major Depression because you can only have two of the four symptoms.

Dysythymia Depression is and extended form of Minor Depression because it can last for years

if not treated. Postpartum Depression is a depression that only women get after having a baby.

Postpartum Depression has some of the same severe symptoms as some Major Depressive

Disorder. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is also form of depression that only women can get

one week before their menstrual period. Seasonal Affective Disorder is depression that a person

tends to get during the winter time due to lack of sunlight.

The exact cause of depression is not known, but there are several factors that play

a role in depression.
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