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Depression Teresa Collick HCA/250 April 24, 2016 Depression has always been a major health issue going back for many years. Initially being called “melancholia” it appeared in the texts of the Mesopotamians in the second millennium. It was then thought of a demonic presence that required a priest to be in attendance. The understanding was that depression wasn’t considered a physical issue but a spiritual or mental illness. The Babylonian, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations also believed this. Their treatment for depression was to beat, restrain and starve the sufferer in hopes the demon would leave their body. On the other hand Romans and Greek physicians saw depression as…show more content…
Drug therapy can control anxiety feelings that sufferers may have. Physical exercising can also be used to combat this disorder. If one is being treated by a mental health disorder, he or she may advise that the patient needs to change their environment. For example rather than sitting in the house all day, one may need to force themselves to get up and go for a walk. A person that has depression may need to surround themselves with positive people that will add support and encouragement while they are getting treatments. Negative surroundings will only add to depression and cause one to seclude themselves. Counseling from a psychologist is another method of treatment that shows a good turnaround from this illness. (Psychology Today, 1995-2016). Diagnosis and treatment of the illness today is very different from the past. Today depression is considered a mental disorder that can be treated easily with medication and counseling. In the past, one was thought of to be possessed by demons and was subject to beating and ill treatments. Similarities that are still carried down even today from different civilizations are relaxation techniques like baths, massage and exercise. Relaxation therapy can ease the stress that depressive symptoms cause. Depression is a serious illness that should not be taken lightly. It is considered a mental and mood health disorder that disrupts the lives of many making them feel as though they can’t get through daily
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