Depression: Signs and Symptoms

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introduction Most people say depression is when you feel blue, or you're just upset over something happening. but once they witness what depression really is it becomes a big taboo. depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain which causes you to go through long periods of hoplessness, numbness without any control over it. if someone were to come up to you and say "I'm depressed" you would think they are attention seeking because there isn't a cloud of darkness following behind them? wanna know why that is? because people who are diagnosed with depression don't want to be bothered they put up a front pretending they're okay when in reality they see no hope in anything. The film's I will be introducing to you today are "Archies final project" and "it's kind of a funny story" The criteria i will be using to judge an appropriate potrayal of depression in a film will include social withdrawl, this criteria would ink to my research because a accurate portrayal of depression would include a withdrwal from social activites and interactions. Moodswings will also take a part as it plays a big role in depression one moment you are sad and low, the next you feel numb, and as you think you're mood is about to be better it change. isolation would be a huge factor as a warning sign for many mental illness, individual or character will lock themseleves away i their room to be alone hardly coming outside after hours. alot of the time individual will try and not go to school or work,
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