Depression : Symptoms And Symptoms Essay

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Depression is a behavior disorder that can affect many people in the world. This disorder does not only affect adults, but children as well. “Depression is an episode of sadness or apathy along with other symptoms that lasts two consecutive weeks” according to ( A person with depression is affected both physically and emotionally. People can be affected by many types of depression which affects every single person with depression differently. Fortunately, people with depression can seek help in various ways which can help them to see their lives in a different perspective ultimately changing the way they live their life. There are several forms of depression that can affect any one person. There is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), persistent depressive disorder, perinatal disorder, psychotic depression, and bipolar disorder ( SAD is a form of depression that affects people in the winter months when there is not as much sunshine. Persistent depressive disorder lasts for two years at times during the depression the symptoms can be more severe than others. A type of depression that affects mothers either before or after the birth of the child that makes it difficult to care for themselves, the baby, or both is perinatal disorder. Psychotic depression has symptoms of psychosis that coincide with the depression. Last but not least,
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