Depression Symptoms and Coping Mechanisms Essay

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There’s always a reason for the cause of depression even though there might not be anything bothering you at the moment. There might’ve been something bothering in the past that you have forgotten about. A single thought might trigger those feelings that played a role with that forgotten thought. Basic categories of depression according to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) are Dysthymia, Major Depressive Disorder, Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, and Secondary depression. There are two other depression classifications that aren’t listed under DSM-IV manual that practitioners often use. They are Endogenous (Chemical) Depression and Exogenous (External) Depression. The DSM-IV is confusing to the …show more content…
Adjustment Disorder is the reaction from changes in your lifestyle for an example, starting school, getting a divorce, or unexpected catastrophes. Depression NOS can be caused by premenstrual and seasonal depression. Secondary depression would be depression caused from medical disorders such as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid glands don’t produce enough hormones. In order for one to be classified into a certain DSM-IV category, doctors must first identify whether or not it’s either a chemical or an external depression. From studies created by neuroscientists, they have suggested that chemical and electrical responses cause depression. Chemical depression is known to be an imbalance of your neurotransmitters and can sometimes be genetically passed on. Studies show that using anti-depressant drugs can help change the brains chemistry in a positive manner. There are different coping mechanisms that a depressed individual can perform if you identify the problem(s) that are causing you to feel the way you do. Many times, individual’s have more than one problem that can’t be solved all at once. Managing one problem at a time may help you balance your challenges until you have actually developed an official solution.
Another coping mechanism with depression is being associated with others. Being in the presence of others can enlighten your attitude towards your problems. Having a clear mind
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