Essay on Depression System vs Medical

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Depression in children Medical vs. System Approach Donnie Dwyer CCMH/565 DEBRA FARRELL Depressive disorders during youth occur frequently. During childhood there are an estimated one to two percent of children between the ages of six and twelve that have a Major depressive disorder. That rate changes to two to five percent in adolescents or ages thirteen to eighteen. Fourteen to twenty five percent of youth experiences at least one episode of major depression before adulthood. Depression has been diagnosed at a much higher rate than in the past few decades. Episodes of major depression will reoccur within a five year time period. Depression is often combined with anxiety disorders, dysthymia, disruptive disorders and, or substance…show more content…
They are the medical approach to depression focus on the depression. Systems approach focus on the whole person and their systems. With medical approach to depression the depression is the focus, because the depression is the issue. In the medical approach it takes many visits to the doctor to come up with an accurate diagnosis of depression. It is difficult to find the best medication for the client. If the client has other medical conditions like heart or kidney disease then using psychotropic medicines can be unsafe and or ineffective for the client. Once the doctor prescribes the correct psychotropic medication it often takes a few months to find the correct dosage. If the dosage is to low then the effect of the medication is minimal, if the dosage is too high then the side effects become bigger issues both too high or too low can lead to failure to treatment. According to a study from the National Institute of Health in 2006 only around 30% of patients that have been diagnosed with depression go into full remission from taking their round of psychotropic medications. The marketing of psychotropic drugs plant the belief in patients that a pill can make them feel better and that their life will blossom. What often happens is that the first psychotropic medication does not work it is either the wrong dosage or the patient does not respond as well as expected. Most psychotropic medications come with the black box warning from the food
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