Depression : The Causes Of Depression In College Students

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Depression knows no race, ethic background, or sex. Furthermore, no one is exempt from it, but there are groups of people who are more likely to encounter it. Depression is becoming more common among young people, for example, college students. In fact, this is the most common psychological disorder among this group (Khawaja, Santos, Habibi, & Smith, 2013). Young adulthood should be a person golden and care free years, however, that is no longer the case. Many psychosocial, academic and financial challenges lead a college student into the pit of depression (Khawaja, Santos, Habibi, & Smith, 2013). Moreover, it is a known fact, that most college students do not get adequate sleep or nutrition. “Epidemiological studies show that prevalence rates of depression vary substantially across cultures and literature indicates cultural differences in the way depression is expressed and explained” (Khawaja, Santos, Habibi, & Smith, 2013) Studies are showing that certain social and enomical factors are linked to different symptoms in depression. Those who are from Western countries are more prone to psychological-cognitive symptoms, such as dysphonic mood, loneliness or sadness (Khawaja, Santos, Habibi, & Smith, 2013). In contrast, “non-Western countries seem to reflect somatic-physical symptoms, such as fatigue, weakness or weight loss” (Khawaja, Santos, Habibi, & Smith, 2013). Typically, depression is more common in lower class Americans. Some research shows that cultural beliefs also
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