Depression : The Hidden Disorder

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Depression: The Hidden Disorder Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest (Staff, 2015). Many times a doctor will call depression major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it can affect how you think, feel, and can cause a number of other physical and emotional problems (Staff, 2015). For most individuals suffering from depression, they do not feel like getting out of bed most days, you would rather stay there and cry, however if you do find the motivation to get out of bed you may have trouble doing every day activities, and even feel as if life is worth going on (Staff, 2015). How many times have we heard parents tell their son to just “snap out” of it, or have we told our…show more content…
I am focusing on depression in adolescent boys ranging in age from fifteen to eighteen years old. The reason that I have chosen to do my paper on depression, is that my sixteen year old son has been diagnosed with depression. At first, I just thought that he was a typical boy and having trouble adjusting to the physical and mental changes of life. However, a couple of years passed and he seemed to not be snapping out of it. I never dreamed that he was depressed, because he seemed like a happy young man, most of the time. He was not one that seemed to be “down in the dumps”, or sad; his symptoms did not seem to be symptoms of depression, or at least the symptoms that I thought went along with depression. He was the one that would be happy and everything okay, then someone could ask him a question or say something to him and he would either start crying or become enraged. I spoke with his doctor about what I was seeing and he is the one that mentioned to me that it could be depression. I felt as if my heart skipped a beat, because I could not believe that my son could have depression. Once, his doctor determined that he was depressed, he then sent us to a therapist for therapy for my son. However, he is one that is not willing to open up to strangers, so we hit a road block. So then the doctor put him on medication and it has helped. He will never be cured of depression, but we are on our way of him learning to cope with
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