Depression and Anxiety

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Running Head: Depression and Anxiety

Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety amongst College Students

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Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety amongst College Students
College represents a form of higher learning. For many, it is also a time for personal growth as we transition into adulthood. This in itself is a stressful situation as one must make drastic adjustments to a new role, environment, and demands. Stress is a major contributor to the development of mental and emotional issues (Rodgers, L., Tennison, L. 2009). Research has been done to determine the impact of depression and anxiety on university students. It has been
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Like many of the questionnaires utilized for research in the articles used for this literature review, it was anonymous, and administered and collected during class. This form of data collection provided high turn in rates allowing researchers to have a wide study scale. According to Hicks, T., & Heastie, S., contrasting levels of stress and coping mechanisms were present in these students. It was noted that traditional college students experience more psychological stress than their nontraditional student counterparts. In addition, during the first year of college, the amount of stress experienced by students is the highest in comparison to stress in the remainder of the years. These results are especially important because it stresses the need for a strong health and wellness center within colleges and universities.
In contrast to researching adjustment to college life for traditional and nontraditional students, the article by Shankland, R., Genolini, C., Riou França, L., Guelfi, J., & Ionescu, S., compared students from a traditional school system to that of an alternative school. In this article, it was noted that alternative schools differ from traditional schools in their teaching methods and philosophy. For this study, 130 students from both types of schools in similar regions were assessed during their final year in high school, the beginning of college, and finally at the end of their first year in college using the State- Trait Anxiety Inventory,
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