Depression and Anxiety

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Depression and Anxiety Sarah Gartin COM/155 March 17, 2013 Tressa Cook Gray [APA style looks good!] Depression and Anxiety Depression and anxiety are two common disorders that many Americans deal with day in and day out. So, individual Americans may ask, are we anxious, or are we depressed? Anxiety and depression are thought of as two distinct disorders. However, in this world, many people suffer from both conditions. Knowing the similarities, differences, treatments, and prevention/reduction of depression and anxiety is important because one is a mood disorder, and the other is a psychiatric disorder. [Good use of third person and plan of development thesis!] Depression and anxiety disorders have many similar symptoms or…show more content…
One may also notice that children become their little shadows, and seem to be watching over the suffering parent. Their jobs may start to be less important to them, [;]they may start to get behind and slack, and they may miss more days than usual. All the once important factors in a person’s life slowly begin fading away, because of a health issue. [Good concluding sentence. You are using these well to tie the paragraphs together.] A person can soon have a treatment for their depression disorder or anxiety disorder after talking it over with his or her health care provider. A person does not have very many options to choose from for either disorder, but the sooner you treat it, the better you will feel. [Stay in third person here… the sooner an individual treats it, the better he or she will feel] A person can take pills that are prescribed to them by his or her doctor and this pill is usually taken once a day. For I[i]nstance, Prozac is a well-known prescription drug to treat depression. Xanax is one used to treat anxiety, which is also well known by many individuals around America. We also have the option of taking a natural supplement; some people do not like prescription pills, for whatever reason, and rather be natural. There is a supplement called Saint John[‘]s Wart, and this helps a little bit
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