Essay about Depression and Anxiety in Persons with Divorced Parents

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Depression and Anxiety in Persons with Divorced Parents In the recent years, divorce rates have been continually trending upwards (Reiter, Hjorleifsson, Breidablik, & Meland, 2013). It is factual that children who have parents that have divorced typically face more obstacles in numerous aspects of life than children who have married parents. Children that experience divorce have up to a 300% increase in probability to be impacted by issues in mental wellbeing than their peers without an incident of divorce in their parental structure (Shifflett & Cummings, 1999). These issues can arise due to the various conflicts that may come into play throughout the divorce process, or even the mere experience of parental divorce for the child. The…show more content…
Whether moderate or severe, divorce serves long-term contributions to depression and anxiety in children regardless of age (Chase-Lansdale, Cherlin, & Kiernan, 1995). Mental and Emotional Adjustment in Divorce with Age Numerous factors come into play pertaining to the age of a child that undergoes the experience of parental divorce. As time passes, most research states that both anxiety and depression impact children of divorce rather steadily. However, even after adjusting, these emotional impacts are extremely consistent throughout the progression of life (Størksen et al., 2005). Due to the inability to cognitively process and identify reasons that lead to divorce, kids around the pre-kindergarten age range are naïve to the situation. Around this age, children depend on parental support in daily life to carry out tasks. This alteration of family structure will impact smaller children more than older children, as the older child will have more outlets to channel their mental tension (Reiter et al., 2013). According to data, children may not adjust well emotionally and display bouts of anxiety, which may develop into depression at later ages (Kline, Johnston, & Tschann, 1991; Vousoura, Verdeli, Warner, Wickramaratne, &
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