Essay about Depression and Treatments

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Did you know in 2009 approximately 18.8 million (9.5%) of American adults 18 and older were diagnosed with having depression; 12.4 million (12.0%) are women and 6.4 million (6.6%) are men. Depression and some antidepressants are going to be the main focus of this paper. Women between ages 25-44 are the most affected by depression mainly because they have trouble handling anger which is usually associated with anxiety disorders or substance abuse. Depression can affect people of all ages and is rated number one for being the leading cause of disability in the United States. Depression has been known to associate with a reduced amount of connections between neurons in the cortex of the brain. To help subside depression there are many…show more content…
The patient is taken to an operating room (OR), there they receive an intravenous line (IV) of an anesthetic. They wait for the patient to get unconscious before they start the procedure. The heart is monitored throughout the procedure, an IV of succinycholine (muscle relaxant) to relax all the muscles in the body to prevent the breaking of bones or cracked spine, a rubber block is placed in the mouth to prevent the tongue from being bitten off, a mask is placed over mouth so the brain is not deprived of oxygen, and finally conducting jelly is place on the temples where the conducting rods will sit. The doctor pushes the button and electrical current is shot through the brain, causing a mal-seizure for about twenty seconds, and then the patient wakes up in about thirty seconds. The patient usually wakes up not knowing where they are or what just happened. If the treatment is done correctly, most patients wake up saying they fell like they have a hangover. In the 1950’s patients could receive over 100 treatments in a months time. The amount of electricity was different and the stimulus wavelength was different. Muscle relaxants and anesthetic were not used nor were they closely monitored. The use of this treatment causes minimal damage to the patient. There are now two different ways of administering the treatment. There is nondominant unilateral ECT. The use of this is only on the right side of
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