Depression from Domestic Violence

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Being a victim of domestic violence is a difficult a hard situation to be going through because of all the emotional safety and physical safety that victims can suffering at the sometime. As a victim you can be suffering with depression and a lot of different emotional behaviors, which this will be discussing about depression and the effects it can cause on a person with ways of coping with depression or variety of treatment plans that can help dealing with the suffering of depression and the emotional behaviors that can be involved. Depression is a common, but serious illness, which is a disorder that is retrieved from the brain. During time of depression a person can lose their self-esteem and self –confidence. Depression is a combination of variety of symptoms and variety of effects that interferes with a person’s life and ability to want to go on with life in general. Depression is a disorder that can be a long-term or shot-term in a person’s life, which that can again affect the person’s life or even surrounding. A serious depression of illness that is not been treated or even try to be treated can lead to suicide because a person is feeling a shamed, trapped or a different variety of felling a symptoms. Many people with a depressive illness never are willing to seek treatment or sometimes it can be too late. But the majority, even those with the most severe depression, can get better with treatment. Medication, psychotherapies, and other methods can effectively
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