Depression in Melancholia 2011 Lars von Trier

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Out of the three themes in the film Melancholia 2011, Lars von Trier, The first part of the film is seeing things from Justine’s perspective. We get a glance that she is happy when they are sitting in the limo laughing. The audience does not get an impression of something being wrong until she immediately is worried about a red star, that same star appears later when she leaves her wedding to go to the golf course. The easiest and most enjoyable topic was narrative, the language and the dialogue have a huge impact on the film and the way they express themselves. The tone in people’s voice set an attitude, for the whole movie. There is a lot of anger and sadness in the film that begin earlier on in the beginning. While watching the beginning of the film the pictures are expressing all Justine’s feelings of being depressed while on her wedding day, and later on the world ending. These feelings later come out while talking to her sister about being in a state of darkness representing the visual effects in the beginning of the film. The theme of depression surrounds the whole movie, the themes that bring out this state of mind is formal, narrative, and thematic
The formal elements of the film like the cinematography in this film have a lot of lower angles looking up to the actors especially on Justine (Kristen Dunst), who plays as a depressed bride who just got married and is unhappy with her life. The editing in this film begins with a series of vivid and confusing slow-motion

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