Essay about Depression in Men Brings Physical and Psychological Illness

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The Problem Of Depression in Men Depression is a physical illness as well as a psychological one. It makes you feel bad physically, but the problems start with your emotions. Do not expect yourself to "snap out of it." It will take time to treat depression. A mental health provider skilled in cognitive therapy may help you feel better. You may need a medication. There are many new medications that have few side effects and work well for most people. Many times, a combination of medication and therapy can help you get well quickly and stay well. There are different types of depression: Major Depression It is an illness many doctors believe is related to an imbalance of a natural chemical in the body called serotonin. It can be triggered …show more content…

Bipolar disorder is much less common than the other types of depression. To help with diagnosis, doctors look for signs and symptoms of depression and assess their severity, duration, and effects on everyday life. ( The Way Men Think About Themselves The way that men think about themselves can be quite unhelpful. Compared with women, they tend to be far more concerned with being competitive, powerful and successful. Most men don’t like to admit that they feel fragile or vulnerable, and so are less likely to talk about their feelings with their friends, loved ones or their doctors. This may be the reason that they often don’t ask for help when they become depressed. Men tend to feel that they should rely only on themselves and that it is somehow weak to have to depend on someone else, even for a short time. This traditional view of how men should be always tough and self-reliant. Some men find that owning up to their depression actually results in their partner rejecting them because of this. Even professionals sometimes share this view, and may not diagnose depression in men when they should. Instead of talking about how they feel, men may try to make themselves feel better by using alcohol or drugs. This will usually make things worse in the long run. Their work will suffer and alcohol often leads to

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