Depression in Men

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Depression in Men Fred S. Ward Abnormal Psychology Section 002 Spring 2013 Introduction The expression of depression in men can be very complex. There can be additional problems with measuring depression in men than with women. Men use various ways to hide and suppress their depression. Depression in men can be hidden in their being antisocial and participating in risk taking behaviors. Such behaviors can be drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, road rage, extra sexual activities or adventures, gambling, binge drinking and various types of violence. This violence can result also in suicide. Men are three to five times more likely than women to die from suicide. Depression is the most commonly associated condition with mood…show more content…
This can make a man feel isolated, alone and depressed. When men have long periods of feeling depressed then they may try to suppress or escape from these negative situations, which then can compound the problems and result in more emotional pain. Often in men, they will keep or internalize these feelings, which will then smolder inside of them and build up the negative feeling even more, and cause an accumulation of problems and psychological distress (Zartaloudi, A., 2011). Treatments for Depression A type of therapy often used successfully to treat depression is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is an evidence-based treatment for depression. This method concentrates on feelings, thoughts, and behavior to relieve distress and reduce depression symptoms. This is a behavioral strategy and a cognitive or thought strategy to address psychological problems like depression. Therapy can help a person to reduce stress in their life and help discover for the person alternative coping behaviors. This type of therapy can also help you figure out things in life that are making stress for you, such as a bad relationship or work related problem, and make a plan to reduce the impact of these things on your life. A therapist may work with a depressed male and encourage him to make an increase in his social activities. When a man is depressed they often want to retreat to inside their own shell, but it is more
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