Depression in the 1800s

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Dealing with Depression in the 1800’s William Faulkner and Charlotte Gilman are two well known writers for intriguing novels of the 1800’s. Their two eccentric pieces, “A Rose for Emily” and “The Yellow Wallpaper” are equally alluring. These authors and their works have been well recognized, but also critized. The criticism focuses on the society that is portrayed in these novels. The modern readers of today’s society are resentful to this dramatic society. These two novels are full of tradition, rebellion and the oppression over women’s rights. Both of these novels share the misery of the culture, but there is some distinction between the two. “A Rose for Emily” is a social commentary while “The Yellow Wallpaper” is an…show more content…
She was difficult and would not show any weakness to the people around her. Her traditional and adamant ways lead her to the horrible, lonely, and empty death.
Although, it’s a novel of the same time period and influence, “The Yellow Wall Paper”, by Charlotte Gilman deals with the society of the time in a moderately different way than Faulkner’s novel. The main character of this novel “the woman”
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