Depression in the Elderly Essay

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Running Head: Seniors, Health and the Healthcare Industry Seniors, Health and the Healthcare Industry Seniors, Health and the Healthcare Industry Abstract As most of society is aware of healthcare is a hot topic and it is an issue that affects most everyone, from newborns to centenarians. I am going to show what issues affect most of our seniors in regards to mental challenges, cognitive degeneration, and physical health issues. In addition I am going to show how these changes jeopardize the independence and safety issues of seniors who live alone. I will show various ways of counteracting the different healthcare concerns that can restrict the effects of a disease or limit the symptoms of various illnesses. No matter how one feels…show more content…
The average length of time a person usually lives with this incapacitating disease is about 8-10 years. While there is not a known cure at this time, there are things that can be done that will assist more positive, aging process and lessen the effects of Alzheimer’s. One suggestion that greatly reduced falls in seniors, which is a component of the disease was exercise. Participants who engaged in a fall prevention program, not only suffered fewer falls but increased cognitive functioning as well. Another suggestion according to Drs. Michael Jansen and Mark Liponis is to take the coenzyme q10, which is necessary for energy production. It helps protect not only against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, but it also help fight heart failure and lower blood pressure. Actively participate in activities that engage or stimulate the mind such as reading, writing, playing the piano, working crossword puzzles, learning a new language or even playing chess or checkers. Of course, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always a good counter agent in fighting the effects of any disease. A surprising fact that came to light in a study done in 2005 that found that healthy people who consumed more than 400 micrograms of folate, a B vitamin, which is found naturally in many foods, cut their risk of developing Alzheimer’s in half! Testing in now going on to see if the results would be the same if a person already had
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