Depressive Disorder With Mixed Features Is A Term Used

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Depressive disorder with mixed features is a term used in the DSM-5 to describe a condition in which the symptoms of both depression and mania exist at the same time. People with this condition primarily experience depressive symptoms, but they might also have certain manic symptoms, such as racing thoughts. In order to be diagnosed with major depressive order, the patients must first of all have had at least five of the nine symptoms of major depressive disorder almost every day for at least two weeks. The first two symptoms must include feelings of depression and decreased interest or pleasure in activities. In Ellen’s case, she is a 37-year-old part-time graduate student who lives alone and supports herself by working as a home…show more content…
This suggests that a specifier of, "with mixed features," should be connected to her diagnosis. Another type of mixed state would be a bipolar disorder with mixed features, in which a person who has mainly manic symptoms might also have certain depressive symptoms, such as crying. Also, there is a difference between major depressive disorder and bipolar. According to DSM-5, depressive disorder symptoms may last as long as twelve months while bipolar episodes may span a period of three weeks. Under the DSM-5, the specifier "with mixed features" may be added to a diagnosis of major depressive disorder to indicate that a person has symptoms of both depression and mania, but may not fit the criteria for a full bipolar diagnosis. 2. If they completed an assessment with this client, what biological, family and cultural considerations of their background would they need to see to justify the diagnosis? While the causes of this condition are not fully understood, family history can be an important risk factor to diagnose depressive disorder with mixed features. The family of individuals with behavioral inhibition are culturally influenced. In Ellen’s case, her father had a history of alcohol problems, and there was always a great deal of strife in her parents ' marriage. She feels that her parents were "emotionally abusive" to her. She was first referred for treatment after she made a suicide attempt at
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