Derek Drew Mile

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Derek Drew placed third at the Ohio Valley Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships in the 400-meter dash in February. Within a week, doctors diagnosed him with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), a slow moving cancer. Drew, who graduated with a bachelor’s in Spanish and pre-law from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in May, had what seemed like a severe stomach, but exhibited no other symptoms. He went to the doctor within a day, and they diagnosed him with cancer in a few days. “It was a rollercoaster,” Drew, who had been experiencing symptoms like stomach illness for almost 3 years, said. “I still look back on that time and remember that gut feeling that my heart sank. I still barely believe it.” “It’s a very unique experience,”…show more content…
Even though he did not win, Drew said he valued the experience, as reaching that level was a goal of his. “To be able to knock out another one of those goals, despite it all, was just a blessing,” he said. “It was overwhelming. I couldn’t be more thankful for how my season ended.”
The Derek Drew Mile When the coaching staff at SIU Edwardsville found out about Drew’s diagnosis, they decided to help him in some way. They helped by organizing the “Derek Drew Mile,” a one mile walk/run fundraiser that was held April 16 at Korte stadium. “We were in a staff meeting after the diagnosis and we knew we wanted to do something, whether that be a run or some kind of drive,” Block said. “This just seemed like a natural progression.” Drew said he was pleasantly surprised when he learned what the coaches planned. “I was blown away by my coaching staff,” he said. “It was really crazy to find out that my coaches really wanted to do this fundraiser for me and help me out.” The event was held at noon, just hours before a home meet for the Cougars. This allowed more people to attend, as family would be in town. There was an expected donation of $10 from participants, who could donate at the gate or via
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