Derf's Theory Of A Fad

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A fad or trend is a form of developing a popular subject in which we humans tend to follow and throughout time it either develops/changes or dies down. Most often times trends and or fads are associated with being gang related; for example, most people affiliate tattoos with criminals. According to John Backderf, a famous comic strip writer, also referred to as derf believes that the message behind a fad is misinterpreted which leads to peer pressure. To begin a trend derf believes that it all begins with a small crowd, once it’s been a style for a while it escalates to a bigger crowd (the popular people), and finally it gets so big that its everywhere. In my opinion I revise derf’s theory because on his first two thoughts I agree with it, expect with his last idea.…show more content…
Derf begins with his comic saying that art students walk into a coffee shop all wearing a piercing on their nose, but he refers to it as a nose booger (derf, box 1). This is how derf believes it starts with a small group and in the next box he says that hipsters began to wear them along with Indie-Rock musician, but since the trend is getting bigger he has a visual that says, “It’s obviously GANG- RELATED!! I’m banning boogers from school” (derf, box 2). The picture is emphasized more because it’s a principal who believes that banning boogers will make the distraction go away, but the students continue to wear them. So many people are wearing them, that it reaches an ultimate high power which is known as celebrities including Madonna and Calvin Klein. Once it goes public the students tend to lose interest and derf says “the original art students lunging for the Kleenex” (box 4). This relates to peer pressure because once the student see that older people are wearing them they don’t want them to look unpopular so they find a new trend to
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