Deroc Stardford: A Short Story

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I knew from the very first minute that I would not like this place. You just get that feeling, you know? The feeling that you’re just going to have a terrible time and should back out as soon as possible. That was what I was suppose to be feeling. Feeling. I’m not really suppose to feel anything, as I am diagnosed as a functioning sociopath. Something that our culture has made to be evil characters in their twisted webs that they call stories. Isn’t that what I am? Another pawn in another murder story? Of course, my therapist says otherwise, but she is disgusting and doesn't know anything. You can see the whiskers on her upper lip move as she talks, or the fact that her whole mound of fat jiggles when she walks. That women is one thing that I am definitely not going to…show more content…
His name is Deroc Stardford, the most popular athlete in the whole school. He was looking for fresh meat, and I happened to be standing right there. We got into a huge debate about the ethics of picking on vulnerable freshman. “ I may have started the verbal fight, but he was the one that threw the first punch. Normally physical fighting is way beneath me, as I find it unnecessary, but this guy was just so arrogant. So I hit him back. The teachers got mad and sent us both to the office. I got off with a warning and a disapproving stare from the principal, who I am now pretty sure hates me.. The Jock wasn’t so lucky. He got three days worth of suspension. I don’t think this was his first offense. I guess I’m joining the baseball team. My gym teacher saw my curveball in class, and enthusiastically encouraged me to join the team. I personally didn’t want to, but the parents just had to butt in and accept the offer on my behalf. Apparently the teams been really hurting this season. Of course it is, the captions the The Idiot Jock. I’ll be replacing Alex, AKA the Jock’s Sophomore minion, the sucky pitcher they have now. I think I might have pissed The Jock off. Oops.
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