Derogatory Jokes Or Nicknames?

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Derogatory jokes or nicknames are used as discrimination against nearly every cultural group in the diverse society we live in. They can be used in a variety of situations and for a variety of reasons. Two instances of discriminatory folklore that I have experienced in my life stem from a regional background and from a religious background.
Regional stereotypes are discriminations that seem to show up in a situation where people come from all different locations, for example, at a University. The first time I heard the term “Coastie” I had to ask what was meant by it. It was on a Sunday morning my freshman year of college. A few friends from my dorm and I were out on State Street heading into Starbucks for a coffee before we went to the library. It had gotten rather cold out since it was October and one of my friends, Maddie, was wearing boots, comfy leggings, and a jacket. After we’d ordered and were on our way out with our drinks, the other friend we were with chuckled and said to Maddie, “Wow, you look like such a Coastie right now.” Maddie laughed as well and said “Yeah, you’re right I do,” and started jokingly posing as if her picture was getting taken. Seeing as how I’d never heard the term before, they had to explain to me why she looked like a Coastie when I knew she grew up in Green Bay, nowhere near the coast. As most people that attend UW Madison usually learn, “Coastie” is a term usually used in the Midwest for someone who comes from either the West or East
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