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“Evil around the Campus” Serial crimes are thought of as some of the worse that exist. Fear is inevitable in the area that the crimes are occurring and people seek ways to make themselves feel safer, sometimes taking extreme measures. This was the case when Derrick Todd Lee was playing his game around the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge. Derrick Todd Lee grew up in small-town St. Francisville, Louisiana with his mother, father, and siblings. Shortly after his birth, Lee’s father, Samuel Ruth, left the family. His mother thought this to be a good thing due to the fact that Ruth suffered from mental illness and was eventually hospitalized after the attempted murder of his ex-wife. Lee’s mother remarried and Coleman …show more content…
The cellphone was located weeks after her murder in an alley in another area of Baton Rouge. Prior to her murder, she told her family that she felt she was being watched or followed.
Geralyn DeSoto, from Addis, Louisiana, was a student at Louisiana State University and was planning to attend graduate school in the fall of 2002. Geralyn was found by her husband inside their home. She had been raped, brutally beaten, and stabbed to death. Their home was located on Louisiana Highway 1, which is the main road Derrick Todd Lee used to travele to and from work at the Dow Chemical Plant in Brushly, Louisiana. Geralyn's husband was the lead suspect in her murder before DNA evidence was linked to Lee. Derrick Lee Todd was tried for the murder of DeSoto. He was handed a conviction for second degree murder due to the fact that DeSoto was not sexually assaulted. The prosecutor feared that Lee would have been acquitted if they had tried him for first degree murder.
Charlotte Murray Pace was murdered right before she was to become the youngest student in LSU history to receive her master's degree in business administration. Her roommate found her dead in their apartment. They moved to their new apartment a week before from a rental home on Stanford Avenue, close to where Gina Wilson Green lived when she was murdered. There were signs that Pace put up a powerful fight. Autopsy reports say she had been raped and stabbed over 80

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