Des Garcons : Innovations Towards A Different Types Of Fashion?

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Comme des Garcons: Innovations Towards a “Different” Type of Fashion? Many years in the making fashion has made a very impactful effect on the culture of a nation or region allowing an on looker of the culture to understand many different things about the culture due to their fashion styles. Men and women, throughout the years, have been able to keep a clear distinction between the two genders making clothing for both genders look as if they were for either one of the genders. In any culture there are distinct differences in styles allowing for uniqueness between the genders. Masculinity was a major image that had to be expressed whenever a man would wear men’s clothing displaying rugged and distressed looks, with darker colors, showing…show more content…
They have, in the past, implemented many different innovative designs that lean towards a more feminine look to appeal to such change in consumer taste. This change, fortunately, has not been a downfall to the company so far but what will it become in the future of the business due to consistently changing trends?
Comme des Garcons, one of many well-known high end fashion brands, was established in 1973 by creator Rei Kawakubo. As a fabric handler at a textile factory she did not have any initial “plans in the making” for this brand it was mostly created on a whim. She stated in an interview, “I wanted to have some kind of job because at that time, having money meant being free”, (Frankel, p.8). She goes on to say that she never had any intentions of creating such a prestigious brand, all she wanted as to make money. That being said, she did have a talent and interest in fabrics and creating different combinations of said fabrics she worked with. Many of her co-workers also encouraged Kawakubo to put her talents to use, coincidentally this resulted in the brand Comme des Garcons. Rei Kawakubo, throughout the years, has kept a consistent look to her clothing, creative mash ups between man-made textures as well as natural textures in order to bring a unique touch to Western fashion that was never experienced before. Her designs and other works were initially geared toward women, reflecting on the physique specifically, also using these

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