Desages And Disadvantages Of Ergonomics

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efficiently. The balance between the jobs is established after the sequences of jobs are determined. • Ergonomics: Ergonomics is concerned with the designing and shaping of jobs as per the physical abilities and characteristics of individuals so that they can perform their jobs efficiently. Ergonomics facilitates designing of jobs in such a way that worker’s physical abilities and job demands are properly balanced. It does not alter the nature of job but the location of tools, switches and facilities, keeping in view the job handling as primary consideration. • Work practices: Work practices are the set of methods/ways to perform the work. Such practices are based on the tradition established or as per the collective wishes of employees. The scope…show more content…
It is a very powerful motivational tool. It can satisfy self-actualisation need of an employee to some extent. Advantages of Job Enrichment: • Beneficial to employees and management: Job enrichment benefits employees and management in terms of increased motivation, better performance, job involvement, job satisfaction and reduced employee absenteeism. • Meets psychological needs of workers: Job enrichment meets certain psychological needs of job holders. They get a feeling of achievement, performance satisfaction and acceptance of new challenge. • Acts as a motivator: Job enrichment acts as a motivating factor and provides mental satisfaction to employees. 3.8 Job Evaluation Job evaluation means determining the relative worth of a job in an organisation by comparing it with other jobs within the organisation and with the job market outside it is essentially a process of analysing and assessing the available jobs in an organisation systematically to ascertain their relative

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