Desalination Water Treatment Of Water

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Desalination Water Plant is a water filtration plant that takes salt water from the ocean and turn it into fresh drinking water. Although the desalination process has been around for centuries, desalination plants allowing large-scale treatment of water didn 't come until the 1950s. In the year 2002, 12,500 desalination plants in 120 countries provided 14 million cubic meters per day of fresh drinking water (Ackerman, 2012). Desalination process includes: Thermal Processes Thermal desalination is a process of cleaning water that includes removing salt and as well as other toxins. Thermal desalination is the process of heating the water solution and gathering pure water when the vapor cools and condensation occurs. It also involves the heating of blackish water and collecting the condensed vapor (distillate) to create pure water (American Membrane Technology Association, 2007). Evaporative processes (vapor phase) are used for seawater conversion. Vapor phase consists of the following methods: • Multi-Stage Flash Distillation is a process in which seawater is distilled by flashing a portion of the water into steam in several periods of countercurrent heat exchangers. Seawater is heated in the brine heater. Heated seawater flows into another vessel, called a stage. In this vessel, ambient pressure is lower, causing the water to instantly boil (Buros, 2000, p. 7). Figure 1. MSP Process (Source: Roplant website) • Multi-effect Distillation (MED) is used for industrial
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