Desalination of Seawater May be Our Answer

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Situation/context With the increasing demand for water placing pressure on existing supplies, seawater presents an enormous source to satisfy demand. However, seawater cannot be directly consumed and therefore, desalination of seawater is necessary to make it safe for consumption [1]. The current methods involving desalination utilize mostly non-renewable energy sources such as coal and gas to provide the necessary energy for the process to take place. Identification of problems The current method used to desalinate water is multi-stage desalination (thermal desalination), which requires a significant amount of energy. As research has shown, for every cubic meter of desalinated water, 1.3 kWh of electricity and 48.5 kWh of heat are consumed [1] which shows that more than 90% percent of the energy supplied is wasted as heat. Furthermore, the current methods utilize non-renewable sources of energy, which eventually produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. These non-renewable sources of energy, mainly fossil fuels are short in supply and eventually will run out. Therefore, it is important to look for an environment-friendly long-term solution. Research Question How can solar ponds be utilized to carry out desalination of seawater? What large scale, feasible model can be developed to achieve desalination through solar ponds? Research Methodology We intend to mainly utilize secondary resources through the Summon search application provided by the AUS Library.
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