Descartes 4th Meditation Essays

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After Descartes goes over what he has previously covered, including his proving that God exists and that God is perfect, he begins his fourth meditation. In this meditation, titled Truth and falsity, Descartes contemplates how he, Descartes makes mistakes if he is a product of this perfect being. First, he knows that God would not deceive him, since the will to deceive is a sign of weakness or hatred, and God's perfection would not allow it. Second, if God created him, God is responsible for his judgment, and so his sense of judgment must be flawless as long as he uses it correctly. The question at hand is, why does Descartes make mistakes if he is the product of God, who is a perfect being. In Descartes fourth meditation he gives some …show more content…
Therefore, we would not have the perfect existence. If we don't believe that there is a perfect being then how can we ourselves become perfect beings? If there isn't a perfect creator, what can humans base their perfection on? Descartes now proposes a solution to the problem of his question, why are we not perfect beings if our creator himself is perfect. My interpretation of Descartes solution is that when future problems arise we must hold back from making any choices or casting any judgment until the problem has been clearly thought out and any thoughts of faultiness have been removed. We as imperfect beings can only reach the truth if we can fully comprehend the right from the wrong. Because we have been given the gift of free will, we were also given the abilities determine the differences between right and wrong. Therefore, before making any judgments we must think our judgment through and not think indifferently, this will only bring us one step closer to the perfection of our creator. This however, will never bring us to the exact perfection of our maker. Since we have been given the gift of free will, we undoubtedly will make mistakes. By using the solution to Descartes problem we will be able to strive for our ultimate perfection, however due to our free will and human nature, we will never indeed reach the perfection of the perfect being who created us. Descartes solution does prove to be true if only we follow it. If we think
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