Descartes And Descartes 's The Meditations

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In the Meditations, Descartes believes you can figure out the truth based on your own mind and do not need to go to the outside world. Aristotle and Descartes wouldn’t agree. For example, a blind person. Aristotle would say he cannot know light so he would have to see it from some outside source to get knowledge. Descartes would say to not go to the outside world to find truth. Descartes would recommend meditation: self- reflection. First, you will look at your own mind, using your own mind to look at your mind. Then from that meditation on your mind you can figure out the truth. Descartes believes the simplest explanation is always the best. We have ideas, they are our first reality in our mind and he says to test them for simplicity…show more content…
Dream reality equals real reality they are both an experience in my head. One isn’t better than the other. For example, two plus two equals four. I didn’t create it, outside me did. So now I have this doubt and I want to go outside and see if it out there but as soon as you move outside you added new information which made the idea more complex. Which makes it now more doubt, so now I’m confused. The problem with skepticism you use doubt to try to figure out what ideas are good and true then you rip all your ideas apart and say outside world will never save you in finding that truth. The evil deceiver can be pumping all deception to you. He can say, they want us to think two plus two is four, but is it? All of this in the world can be an illusion but am I an illusion? No matter what trick they do to you, you have to be tricked so they can’t get rid of you. You are necessary. Human being and human sole is something you can never prove as an illusion. We have ideas and our mind is like a foundation and you cannot get rid of our mind. He doubted everything so much he was unable to doubt himself. I exist, and I’m different from the world so I have ideas. Thinking for Descartes is doubting and doubting is radical freewill. We all believe we have freewill, we all believe we are special and unique, we all believe we are different from everything else. Descartes wants to show us we are special and free. The “thinking I” is like the
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