Descartes Argument And Doubt Argument Analysis

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Descartes was a rationalist, he believed that knowledge is not coming from sense, but through arguments and persuasive arguments. In the “Of the Things Which We May Doubt” by Rene Descartes, Descartes argues how knowledge is gaining by rationalism rather than empiricism.
Descartes states in the beginning that all his youth year had been accepting the wrong view from outside the world, he started to doubt everything that he knows. He should get rid off all the view he believed before and restarted his view by established the foundation view when he is retired. He started on the basic line by questioning what he knows.
He began to refuse the beliefs that are uncertain, or that is the untruth to him, because if we can not be sure of a belief
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In the beginning Descartes is empiricism, which he believed all the thing he knows is build up by senses: seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting. He questioning can he rely on this belief, is this belief can be doubt? Can he trust the senses are telling him the truth? Descartes is wandering, by giving an example to explain why Descartes is questioning his belief when you want to buy a supplies, that the supplies you going to buy are not going to use often but you need it. Which the doubt and realist compete in Descartes mind. That he doubt that the senses are wrong sometimes, like when you see in the far distance you saw your friend, but after walk closer, you realize that is not your friend that your eye trick you. Which mean to Descartes that the sense is fooled you, that you shouldn’t trust again. The doubt win over the realist.
Furthermore when Descartes mentioned the senses might lie, when you looking at the far distant object and close distant object which illusion is happened. Another situation he argues is when you’re dreaming. When you’re dreaming in the dream you can’t tell you are dreaming. Until you are wake up, then you know is just a dream but in the dream, you don’t realize that, that the senses gave you the information is wrong. The last argument Descartes argue that the senses are not reliable, is by if some people are insane, they can’t tell their sense are truly reliable according to
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