Descartes Discourse Essay

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Descartes is a mind-body dualist, who in the Discourse on Method argues that humans are the only species that have a mind and intelligence. He states that animals are different in nature than humans and uses different arguments to defend his position. In this essay, I discuss Descartes effort to show that humans are distinct from machines and animals. He presents two tests to determine if a machine is a human and I will establish my view on each test. At the beginning of Part V of the Discourse, Descartes states that he believes in God and in the soul and nothing that does not arise from these two things. Descartes states that he has, “Observed certain laws established in nature by God in such a manner, and of which he has impressed on our…show more content…
Descartes states that the soul is not place in a man like a “pilot in a ship” but rather is attached much more closely to the body to make a man a rational being. This is a true statement because if the soul was placed in like a pilot humankind would eventually be able to find it but since its much closer humans will never be able to replicate it. To end this part of the Discourse, Descartes says that only God created the soul and that it is immortal. With all the science and knowledge achieved by mankind, our mind could have only come from God. Descartes made a very compelling point that only mankind has a rational soul and that we would never be able to replicate the human soul. He fully convinces me with his argument and I agree with what he is saying about to human soul. He effectively conveys his point without overstepping the bounds of Gods as the creator and creates no room for doubt in his tests. Overall I think that Descartes has efficiently conveyed his point with examples and images so that anybody reading this article would be able to understand how he is coming to the conclusion that only man has a rational
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