Descartes ' Meditation On First Philosophy

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In the third meditation of Descartes ' Meditation on First Philosophy, Descartes argues that his idea of God must have come from God himself. One can also wonder whether that very own argument could also apply when Descartes has an idea of the Evil Demon. In this paper, I will argue that Descartes would not think that his having an idea of the Evil Demon proves that the Evil Demon exists. In his paper, Descartes was trying to find the source of his idea of God in order to prove that God exists or not. Descartes states that all of his ideas come from three different sources. All of which are either innate, caused from the outside or invented by himself (Descartes p. 10). Descartes states that innate ideas are ideas which come from our very own nature (Descartes p.10). One can conclude that we receive these type of ideas by the time we were born. The second type of ideas originates from the outside of ourselves, meaning we receive it by our senses, such as heat or noise or even the size of a certain object. Descartes mentions two examples of this type of idea in his paper. One of them being the idea of heat or warmth coming from a fire (Descartes p. 11). And another one is his idea of the small size of the sun which he receives from his senses (Descartes p.11). The last one is ideas that we invented ourselves. These ideas are the ones we created with our own mind. Some examples, as Descartes mentions in his paper, would be sirens or hippogriffs (Descartes p. 10).
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