Descartes ' Notion Of Why We Exist

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To discover the truths about questions you have of your life and the world as we know it can be a difficult but fascinating task to accomplish. Challenging the accepted solutions of the world can bring both controversy and a more complete understanding at the same time. In order to do this, one might let go of how they have been taught to see the world and rebuild a new perspective of how things really are. It is also interesting to coincide this with Rene Descartes’ notion of why we exist. It is fascinating to examine the process by which Descartes took to completely dismantle everything he knows in his pursuit towards explaining different truths throughout the world. I think Descartes came to the realization that he was perceiving things incorrectly in his life which disappointed him. Descartes understands this because he is basing all of his incoming information about the world through his senses. Descartes is puzzled by his dreams versus his realities because he is capable of dreaming about the reality. If this were to be true, how could it be possible to determine which one is actually reality? This thought process seems to push Descartes deeper into question as he begins to challenge other aspects of the world that seemed to be of concrete truth. Descartes then realizes he cannot trust in the knowledge he once trusted in. Due to this, Descartes seemed to be angered that god was allowing him to be deceived. Descartes than seems to take the path towards the notion…

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